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CORONA & Reservations for 2022-2023

Addition rental conditions 2022-2023 because of COVID-19
In case of cancellation or premature departure there will be no refund according to our rental conditions. We recommend you to take out a cancellation insurance elsewhere for unforeseen circumstances.
For the year 2022-2023 we apply our normal rental conditions for every booking.

The current situation regarding the COVID-19 virus is now known to everyone. Since April 2020, every guest knows about the situation and can make an informed decision when making a booking and accepts that the risk this time is with the guest.
Unfortunately, we do not accept requests for exceptions to the cancellation conditions,
even when the situation arises that guests prefer not to travel and/or there is a negative travel advice and/or quarantine obligation upon arrival and/or return that applies on the date that the rental period starts, officially determined by the Dutch or foreign government.
There is only one exception to this:
In the event of a mandatory government shutdown of Kustlicht Zeeland Vakanties, you can rebook once free of charge within the current calendar year. If the costs associated with the new agreement/booking are higher than the original booking, you are required to pay the difference. If the rental period of your reservation has already started, the above applies to the remaining days of your holiday.
If a rebooking is not possible, you will receive a refund of the amount you paid, minus € 50.00 for processing and handling costs.
A voucher / credit note is only possible if this is done by Kustlicht Zeeland Vakanties and not at the request of the hirer.